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Jamssdsds To-morrow and Jam Yesterday, but Never Jam To-day: The of Theology Libraries Planning the Twenty-first Century local 7 Ammerman, Jack Theological Librarianship The future of theology libraries is far from clear. Since the nineteenth century, theology libraries have evolved to support the work of theological education. This article briefly reviews the development of theology libraries in North America and examines the contextual changes impacting theology libraries today. Three significant factors that will shape theology libraries in the coming decade are collaborative models of pedagogy and scholarship, globalization and rapid changes in information technology, and changes in the nature of scholarly publishing including the digitization of information. A large body of research is available to assist those responsible for guiding the direction of theology libraries in the next decade, but there are significant gaps in what we know about the impact of technology on how people use information that must be filled in order to provide a solid foundation for planning. The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada 2008-03-13T15:55:51Z 2008-03-13T15:55:51Z 2004 Image file://Microsoft Office 2013 User Guide.pdf file://PS project manager- relocation.pdf PS project manager en_US