When you log in, you select a duty status. The first driver to log in is the Active driver by default.
The second driver to log in also selects a duty status, but also identifies as the Active or Inactive driver. Co-drivers (inactive drivers) must re-enter their passwords to view or edit their logs.
The Approval tab is now the Certify tab, and now you must certify your logs and edits to your logs in 24 hour increments, not all logs at once.
After you log in, you are prompted to “Reject” or “Confirm” any Unassigned Driving Time, drive time that accumulated with no driver logged in. If you confirm the time, it is added to you HOS logs; if you reject it, the drive time is not added to your logs.
If there is no load info entered for a day that you worked, you are reminded to enter it when you: log in, perform your first duty status change, and log out. Load info is not required for days that your were off-duty for the entire 24 hours.
If enabled by your company, you can identify drive time as Yard Move. With the ignition on, go to the HOS home screen, tap Change and tap On Duty. Under Special Conditions, tap Yard Move; then tap OK. If you do not see Yard Move, contact your Compliance department.
If enabled by your company, you may identify your off-hours driving as Personal Conveyance (previously Off-Duty Driving). From the HOS home screen, tap Change and tap Off Duty. Under Special Conditions, tap Personal Conveyance, enter a remark; then tap OK. When you are done driving, you must come back to this screen to change your duty status to Off Duty with None as the Special Condition.